Remarkable Cave

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Remarkable Cave is located on the southern coastline of Tasman peninsula some 12 km south of Port Arthur.

Remarkable Cave is remarkable not only for its unique form but also because it’s opening, when. viewed from the viewing platform, is the shape of Tasmania.

Once a deep and covered cave, the site is today a deep rock bridge carved out of the sandstone rock face. The debris has long since disappeared into the Southern Ocean, apart from the large boulders that sit in the hollow.

Unlike most sea caves, Remarkable Cave features two ocean-facing entrances caused by erosion along fractures created by ancient t earth quakes.

Remarkable Caves is well known for it’s picturesque, immersive experience, especially a favourite amongst those who’ve waited for low tide to walk through the cave and out the beach.

A major milestone for this site was a recent upgrade to it’s infrastructure including a new coastal viewing area with improved accessibility, increased parking facilities and a renovated toilet. New and improved walking tracks include a short walk to Maingon Blowhole, longer walks to Crescent Bay, Crescent Bay Lookout and Mount Brown.

The approach from Port Arthur to Remarkable Caves is impressive, the road winding past peaceful Carnarvon Bay with its old wooden jetties and fishing boats and road to Point Puer (the remains of the British Empire’s first boys’ prison). Although provided a basic education, boys as young as nine were worked hard often badly treated. Point Puer’s ruins merit a detour, a haunting and stark reminder of the suffering endured.

The same road also provides access to the nine hole Port Arthur Golf Course – a tricky public course providing some of the most spectacular views from its fairways and greens high atop the cliffs looking out to the bay. If your tendency is to slice the ball, make sure you take plenty of them with you!

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The original steps were quite a challenge as can be seen in this photo taken sometime between 1911-1915.

There is a very pleasant and scenic walk to Crescent Bay from the Remarkable cave; one of over thirty on the Tasman Peninsula.

Part of Searle, E. W. (Edward William) 1887-1955. E.W. Searle collection of photographs. between ca. 1900 and ca. 1955 

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