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Photo: Dave Moser – Looking toward Norfolk Bay, beyond Eaglehawk Bay and the ‘Neck’, from high above Pirates Bay.

So many small towns claim the title of ‘Gateway>’ that visitors are often a little sceptical as to whether the title is genuine or simply a means of getting a few more dollars through the local businesses’ cash registers. 

Fear not! Eaglehawk Neck is the real deal. The final steep descent down the Arthur Highway, some two kilometres from the top of the hill to the panorama of Pirates Bay and the ‘Neck’ that opens up at the bottom, is an exhilarating start to all that awaits beyond. The locals, particularly the many city folk who have holiday homes on the Tasman Peninsula, talk of leaving all the toils and troubles of their urbane life at the top of that hill and descending into paradise. We would like to think our visitors will do the same.

Eaglehawk Neck is literally a small town within or surrounded by The Tasman National Park or the Pirates Bay Coastal Reserve – a living monument to all there is to see and to do within these few short kilometers.

So the ‘Gateway>’ that is Eaglehawk Neck is an impressive visitor destination in its own right and the local community is working diligently with the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife, the Tasman Council and other stakeholders to provide better visitor facilities and infrastructure so that their experience is memorable for all the right reasons.

However, a Gateway> needs to lead to something. Once again, Eaglehawk Neck is the real deal! Beyond our boundary to the south lies a tourism smorgasbord. Visitors will never see it all in a day. The following pages may tempt many to linger longer. Enjoy!


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